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3 thoughts on “My next cooking demo

  1. Alicia

    Hi, Kitty,

    I’m so happy to have finally met you at Le Creuset and then you AND your mother at the Vista Farmer’s Market.

    Moroccan food is contageous! Once you start you want to make at least something every week and then it starts to affect your other recipes, like grilled chicken.

    Short story: Right after your April 5th event at Le Creuset, a 13-yr-old teenager next door said he was hungry and liked grilled chicken and I just so happened to have some Tumeric in my spice drawer (as well as Saffron), so WE grilled 8 pounds (4 kilos) of chicken legs and made Saffron rice to go with it: VERY YELLOW, HAPPY FOOD!

    So, after feeding 4 hungry men (yes, consider 13-yr-old males as men when planning for food), I still had leftovers and wanted to make B’Stila with it.

    Following your recipe for B’Stilla in your “Welcome to the Kasbah” recipe and culture book, I bought Fillo Dough at Frazier Farms on Vista Village Drive and even mixed in some of the Saffron rice to the egg and chicken mixture. It turned out great and since I made “petite” B’Stillas in muffin tins, I froze a whole dozen and can make exquisite snacks on-the-fly.

    Yes, Moroccan food is fancy but when you make it right it lasts and you can freeze portions to spice up your life and others with what nobody else but Moroccan fans can provide. You’re an instant culinary magician and Kitty is our mentor.

    Alicia 🙂

  2. Kitty Post author

    YUM! Alicia, what a great idea. I love to her about variations on the b’stila theme. Why not add saffron rice. Moroccan cuisinieres sometimes use Chinese rice noodles (mai-fun), a Vietnamese import to Morocco. I made individual salmon b’stilas this weekend– and I purchased the phyllo where you did, at Frazier Farms.


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