Preserved limes?


Hello preserved lemons aficionados:

 I don’t have a book to announce—yet! But I am preserving lemons. Actually, not lemons, but Bearss limes.

 It occurred to me, as I was gathering the dozens of yellow Bearss (sic) limes that had fallen to the ground around my prolific tree—Bearss are perfectly suited for preserving.

 Eureka or Meyer lemons have a lovely canary colored rind, which, when pickled in salt, holds a bright yellow tint. Yet, if you preserve a green lime (some Middle Eastern cultures do, I am told) the rind turns a dull grey. Grey is not a color Moroccan cooks hold dear. Bearss and Key Limes turn yellow and this makes them ideal for preserving.

 So, with my holiday gift list in mind, I will give out jars of preserved limes along with a recipe or two. Problem solved!

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