Encore preserved lemons

This is why I get such a kick out of teaching Moroccan cuisine:


“I still think about the class I attended at Vista Jazzercise!  I enjoyed the

evening so much! In fact, I decided to make "Preserved Lemons" as Christmas

gifts this year. I currently have 26 jars in the garage!  They will be ready

just in time for Christmas. I chose five recipes from your cookbook (all of

which call for preserved lemons), made recipe cards, and slid them into little

pocket folders – so when my family and friends receive this homemade gift, they

can experiment with the lemons and get introduced to Moroccan cuisine!”


G.A., Vista, CA.


Preserved Lemons:

 My favorite condiment is making waves in classy kitchens: From Top Chef to Food TV stars, and fans on Facebook, preserved lemons are in.  Drop by my new Facebook page, Kitty Morse Moroccan Cuisine, and start a discussion! I would love to hear how YOU use preserved lemons.


3 thoughts on “Encore preserved lemons

  1. Kenzie

    I use mine to put in wing sauce.. I have been silly about making new wing sauces this summer, because I got such an awesome deep fryer that I've been doing wings in. I use garlic, my lemons, and some pepper and splash of tabasco and they are delicious!

    <a href="http://www.cajunbarbecue.com/deep-fryers&quot; rel="follow">Deep Fryers</a>

  2. Kitty Post author

    Hi Kenzie: Your recipe sounds mouth watering. I love the idea of Asian/North African fusion. I once saw Ming Tsai prepare a similar combination of ingredients on TV. Do you make your own preserved lemons?

    I've never made wings, I may have to try! Bismillah,



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