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San Diego Living appearance was fun!

Kitty and Host CH 6 SD Living

How can it NOT be fun when Jim Bratton, host of San Diego Living, took OFF his shoes before coming on the set, so we could better see eye to eye. That didn't happen! Jim was charming and easy going, and VERY TALL, and he liked my Sesame Nigella Almond sprinkle! Here are a couple of dishes Jim and the crew sampled, out of A Biblical Feast.

Apricots in Honey Syrup with Toasted Almonds and Pomegranate Seeds


A platterful of biblical foods.

Pomegranate wine (home-made) flavored with peppercorns and cinnamon, anyone?

Kitty on TV!

Tune in to

San Diego Living

on San Diego’s Channel 6

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010 

between 9AM and 10AM

and watch me demonstrate a couple of recipes from

A Biblical Feast! 

Two copies of the book will be given away to viewers!

A Biblical Feast as page turner!

 A Biblical Feast as a “cookbook page turner”!

I never thought of A Biblical Feast as a page-turner, but, lucky for me, a reviewer did! So reads San Francisco’s Jweekly ( Since you may have trouble opening the link, I invite you to visit the Kitty in the Media page to read the full article.

One year after publication, I feel as though I have made scores of new friends around the country (the list of stores is on the page A Biblical Feast/Press Release/Vendor Update). Thank you everyone!

In October, I spent several weeks at our riad south of Casablanca, as I do every year. A Moroccan television crew was filming my friend Abderrahmane Rahoule, one of Morocco’s leading artists and ceramicist, (third from left), and he invited me to be part of the show Art-Mania, on Morocco’s cultural channel.


I spent a good part of my stay catching up on repairs. Fortunately, our local workmen take the idiosyncracies of our ancient Moorish home in stride. Morocco’s plumbers, electricians, and masons work wonders with a  straightened, wire coat-hanger, an archaic screwdriver, or a hammer. The plumber unclogged the drain below our centuries-old stone fountain in no time. An artisan then painstakingly replaced each zillij tile removed in the process. No more sewer backups, and no more flooding in the atrium! We celebrated with a glass of syrupy sweet mint tea and Gazelle Horns filled with almond paste:


On this side of the ocean, I was privileged to give a talk on Morocco’s culture and cuisine to the San Diego Herb Society last September. From the striking venue at the lovely Stone Brewery in Escondido (CA), to the passionate herb growers and cooks who made up the audience, it was an event to remember. The program included a 20-minute Power Point, a short cooking demonstration, and a sampling of specially prepared Moroccan dishes. I’d love to repeat the experience!

Though I treasure my time at Dar Zitoun, our historic riverfront riad in the ancient medina of Azemmour (The House of the Olive Tree as its names translates, is the subject of my forthcoming memoir with recipes), I am glad to be back on US turf  and away from airports during the  holiday season.

 PS: My colleague cookbook author Martha Rose Shulman reproduced one of my recipes in her popular New York Times column “Recipes for Health” on November 15th, 2010. To view the article, copy this link into your browser Or view Kitty ion the Media page.

You’ll find the original version in my book, The Vegetarian Table: North Africa.

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To all of you, thank you and

Be Merry!