Thoughts on the Olympics and more!

The big news is that Mint Tea and Minarets: A Banquet of Moroccan Memories, is off to the printer’s. A hard copy of the book, as well as a flip book, will be available soon on the Mint Tea and Minarets page.

The opening ceremonies of the London Olympics take me back to 1984 (so long ago!) when I was fortunate to work for the French Olympic Committee in the Olympic Village at USC. That intimacy with the world of athletics made me appreciate the dedication of young men and women from all over the world, whose sole goal was to stand on the podium and represent their country. The US national anthem echoed through the park more often than the others!

As a thank you, the French team allowed a few of us to march in the closing ceremonies, and provided me with the appropriate cover, a French Olympic Uniform. I have to say that has become a highpoint of my life. When the flying saucer bearing Lionel Ritchie landed barely a few feet from where I stood, I was already on another planet with excitement! His hit “All Night Long” rang out over the stadium and into the night for what seemed like hours.

Few people realize that along with the games comes a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of artists, actors, musicians, acrobats, dancers, from all over the world. It provided more than 400 performances by 145 theater, dance and music companies, representing every continent and 18 countries. That was the year I discovered, and served as interpreter for, the Theatre du Soleil, an extraordinary avant-garde theatre group from Paris. Before they could go on with the show they needed hundreds of yards of silk to use as a backdrop: guess who drove them all over LA! The Galleria for shopping, Disneyland, and of course, Venice Beach.

That year takes on a special significance for me on another level, for that is the year I decided to pursue writing as a career. A quarter of a century later, I still look upon the 1984 as a turning point in my life!

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Enjoy the rest of the summer, and may the best athletes win!

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  1. Pauline

    Loved your Olympic blog Kitty, As an Aussie  I attended the Sydney 2000 Games and was filled with pride at the way everyone interacted and pulled together to make the event a success  ..see my own little blog, 'Olympic Fever' at 
    As for writing, you are an inspiration. Compared to you  I am a very later starter, well as far as books go anyway. Best of luck with Mint Tea and Minarets…great title and cover!

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