Swimming in marmalade!


 In cleaning out kitchen drawers (an ongoing task), I came across a marmalade recipe my mother typed out for me years ago. She, in turn, told me she had obtained it from my English grandmother. And so, I have been perpetuating family tradition with the fruit from my blood orange tree, and the 4 other citrus varieties making up our “family fruit trees.” When I was growing up in Morocco, my parents planned an annual jaunt to Marrakech so we could gather the Seville oranges that fell from the trees lining the streets. I don’t grow the Seville oranges used for Dundee’s “traditional ” English marmalade, but my American fruit does just fine, thank you. A word to the wise: Two fruit trees of the same variety in one garden is TOO MUCH! I may have to open up a fruit stand at the bottom of our driveway (We give most of it away!) 

I’ll be glad to share my newly refined recipe for marmalade upon request!

3 thoughts on “Swimming in marmalade!

  1. debra cohen

    As kismet would have it, just got my hands on a box of sevilles and would appreciate receiving your marmalade recipe.

    Many thanks.

  2. Kitty

    Debra, the recipe is on its way on your private e-mail. I just made the same recipe with blood oranges: delicious!
    Thanks for the comment,


  3. Lucinda Lai

    Would love to have the recipe for the marmalade. I’m on the waiting list for next week’s cooking adventure at The Arboretum.

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