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5 thoughts on “CHARMOULA marinade served at White House Dinner!

  1. Susan Loomis

    I just finished your book “Mint Tea and Minarets”, which I purchased at The Old Town Spice and Tea Merchants after your cooking class. What a wonderful book ! I really love a book that tells an author’s story and shares special recipes ! I didn’t want it to end . I have made many pots of Mint Tea, the carrots and even the Orange Blossom Pudding . Also have a jar of Preserved Lemons working their magic. Thank you for sharing a painful part of your life, it was magical to read. I look forward to attending more of your delightful cooking classes !

  2. alex schmidt

    Dear Ms. Morse,

    I’m a reporter for public radio working on a blog post for the NPR food blog, The Salt. The post is about the fermented Moroccan butter, smen. Your e-mail address doesn’t seem to be listed anywhere on your website. Would you mind getting in touch w/ me? Just looking for a 15-min chat. Many thanks.


    alex schmidt

  3. Maria A.

    “Edible Flowers” book seems intriguing. I may need to add it to my culinary library to broaden my culinary skills for my local Catering Albuquerque company. Thanks!

  4. Kitty

    Maria, thank you so much for the feedback. I love New Mexico! I was invited to give cooking classes at a cooking school in Santa Fe numerous times.. I love the road between Albuquerque and Santa Fe: it reminds me of the Kasbah Trail, the road that hugs the eastern slopes of the Atlas mountains, on the Sahara side..
    I used to cater Moroccan parties many years ago.. I even managed to sneak a couple of Moroccan dishes in the Edible Flower Cookbook!

    Happy cooking!


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