Kitty quoted in Moroccan magazine

November 2014:

Imagine my surprise when in Casablanca when friends and neighbors Yves and Marie Paule asked me. “Have you seen your name in the new magazine Zamane?” I hadn’t, but was honored to be credited in an article on Estebanico/Al Zemmouri, the man from Azemmour (mentioned of course, in my own Mint Tea and Minarets.) The enslaved “Moor” from Azemmour became part of the Spanish Narvaez expedition to La Florida. After adventures I describe in an article that appeared in Saudi Aramco Word (Esteban of Azemmour and His New World Adventures  March/April 2002 ‪‬) Al Zemmouri and his companions endured a nine year trek that took them from La Florida to the Sea of Cortez. Al Zemmouri was then ordered to accompany Fray Marcos de Niza, a Jesuit priest whose mission was to discover the Seven Cities of Cibola, near the Zuni pueblo, in what is today northwestern New Mexico.) The year was 1539.

Zamane is a French language magazine that focuses on Moroccan history. (Kitty’s name appears on page 99.)