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2 thoughts on “The Kasbah Chronicles February 2015

  1. Lucinda Martin

    Hello! I have just reread your Cooking at the Kasbah and Vegetarian Cooking North Africa.

    I try to restrain myself, but I keep making Hlelem. It appears to be addictive.

    I have a question. Because I am more than a little allergic to almonds, and I see you say that peanuts and walnuts are also used in Moroccan cooking, would it be authentic to use walnuts in, say, a b’stilla, or a tagine instead of almonds? Or should I just omit the almonds?

    Your cookbooks are so engaging, I think, because you have found just the right balance in describing how you were introduced to the recipe, what you saw along the way, the people who touched you while you were learning and visiting. I look forward to Tea and Minarets.

    Thanks so much for sharing intoxicating Morocco with us. I look forward to visiting.


    1. Kitty

      Lucinda, how kind of you to write and post here. To answer your questions, it would not be traditional to substitute walnuts or peanuts, but so what? If you use walnuts, don’t use many. Have you seen the recipe for my vegetarian bestila made with ground mushrooms, peanuts and herbs in The Vegetarian Table: North Africa. I fool meat-eating friends into thinking there is meat in the dish. It’s a good one!
      I will follow up with an email asking if you would like to receive The Kasbah Chronicles, my monthly e-newsletter. info@mintteaandminarets.com is the email.

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