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News of Morocco and beyond:

In Casablanca in May 2016?

The Fondation ONA, Morocco’s leading cultural foundation, is sponsoring a retrospective of the works of my friend Abderrahman Rahoule, one of Morocco’s leading modern artists and director of the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Casablanca, from May 12 to June 30, 2016, at Villa des Arts (built in 1934, an outstanding example of the city’s Art Deco architecture), 30 Boulevard Brahim Roudani, Casablanca.

Note that these veils reflect the taste (and dress codes) of Middle Eastern women, NOT necessarily those of Muslim women from North Africa.

What’s That You’re Wearing? A Guide to Muslim Veils

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MUST WATCH: A genius speaks.

Audition de Idriss ABERKANE (chercheur, Ambassadeur de l’Unitwin/unesco) – cese

2 thoughts on “Summer 2016 Morocco news

  1. Laura J Ember

    Kitty, I met you at a demonstration you were doing at a store in Carlsbad many years ago. My daughter and I would like to go to Morocco and it appears you no longer do the tours. Do you know someone who does? Interested in cooking demos, shopping, relaxing, and seeing non-touristy areas.

  2. Julie Adamik

    Kitty – I attended your presentation at the Carlsbad Garden Club yesterday and really enjoyed it. Bought three of your books! Leafing through the books and their beautiful pictures brought back wonderful memories of my trip to Morrocco a couple of years ago. Wish you still did the culinary tours–I’d go in an instant!

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