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5 thoughts on “The Kasbah Chronicles APRIL 2019

  1. lucygrace garceau

    Kitty have just spent a month sleeping in Alicia’s living room eating healthy! ! ! !What a treat. I am not too thrilled with the wind and dust . The Yucca Valley is beautiful with blooming Yuccas. Alicia’s yucca’s have huge seeds.

    My daughters were in Vet Nam this summer. Augie with a travel group of you g adults. Augie and Chris took in Hong Kong where her Mom and I were when Chris told me she was engaged,
    Then they met up with the group Chris and Augie took a cruse. They met up again in Baronial to travel to Paris before flying home to San Francisco.

  2. Kitty

    Wow what a trip
    After my tour to morocco with a group,I am in spain at present eating seafood south of barcelona
    Vietnam was great
    I loved the food
    Great to hear from you

  3. Manh

    Hi Kitty,

    How are you?
    You may had a wonderful trip back to Morrocco. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and recipes for every one.
    It was so much fun to host you and your friend Amy at my farm outsite Hanoi and conducted a private cooking class for you in April last year. I just made a new website for my family named: http://www.manhfarmandcook.com and i would love to let you see it. I hope see you again one day.

    Send my regards to Amy pls.

    Best wishes


    1. Kitty Morse

      Manh, I will never forget our cooking/farm experience at your home. walking through the village, visiting the fields, and cooking in your home! It was such a great day. And the dishes we prepared under your direction were the best! Be sure to keep us updated on your programs.

      I can only recommend the experience to anyone who reads this! Send me an email for details.. and be sure to view Manh’s website.

      Kitty Morse

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