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Preserved Lemons; home made ras el hanoot spice blend, and home made harissa.

Make preserved lemons with me on YOUTUBE

If you have ever wondered how to make REAL Moroccan preserved lemons, or if you still have questions after attending one of my in-person demonstrations, this video will show you exactly how to prepare this uniquely Moroccan condiment: 

 Cooking at the KasbahPreserved Lemons YouTube

Cookbook author Kitty Morse shows you how to make Moroccan preserved lemons.

Encore preserved lemons

This is why I get such a kick out of teaching Moroccan cuisine:


“I still think about the class I attended at Vista Jazzercise!  I enjoyed the

evening so much! In fact, I decided to make "Preserved Lemons" as Christmas

gifts this year. I currently have 26 jars in the garage!  They will be ready

just in time for Christmas. I chose five recipes from your cookbook (all of

which call for preserved lemons), made recipe cards, and slid them into little

pocket folders – so when my family and friends receive this homemade gift, they

can experiment with the lemons and get introduced to Moroccan cuisine!”


G.A., Vista, CA.


Preserved Lemons:

 My favorite condiment is making waves in classy kitchens: From Top Chef to Food TV stars, and fans on Facebook, preserved lemons are in.  Drop by my new Facebook page, Kitty Morse Moroccan Cuisine, and start a discussion! I would love to hear how YOU use preserved lemons.

Help! I am drowning under Bearss limes!

Our prolific, hard-working, semi-dwarf  Bearss lime is loaded with fruit. Many fell to the ground during our hot spell last week. And so, after making gallons of limeade, freezing lime cubes, preserving yellow limes a la marocaine (green ones turn grey from the salt) and zesting the fragrant rind into pots of fresh fig chutney and fresh fig jam (our fig tree is competing with the Bearss lime), I am at a loss as to what to do with them! 

Does anyone have any other ideas? I’d love to hear them!