OUT OF PRINT — Bored with spaghetti? Tired of rice? Discover the exotic world of couscous! Fluffy and foolproof, couscous cooks in in less than five minutes and makes a perfect accompaniment to any dish! North African cuisine, couscous is a hot trend in contemporary cooking–and author Kitty Morse is here with the most exciting and inventive ways to get couscous beyond the land of Casablanca and straight into your kitchen. From Couscous Paella to Couscous Mango Mousse, Couscous will revolutionize your culinary repertoire. You may wonder what you ate before discovering this versatile and delectable staple. . .
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". . . Here, this one woman culinary embassy presents 50 couscous recipes, only a handful of which come directly from North Africa. The rest are her own contemporary, even trendy inventions . . . The book thus demonstrates that Moroccan ingredients and flavors are not only delicious and healthy, but also extremely adaptable, as Morse presents intriguing novelties and variations, that may indeed revolutionize your kitchen, as the cover claims."
Saudi Aramco World, September/October 2000

". . . Her latest is filled with bright and inviting pictures and more than 45 recipes that use couscous in entrees, side dishes, and even desserts. . . A recipe that was part of the couscous tradition in West Africa is a Togolese coucous and chicken in peanut sauce . . . the grain also adapts itself well in desserts such as in a pineapple and banana tamale or a mango mousse that is like a rice pudding but has a finer and more interesting texture . . . "
San Diego Union Tribune, Wednesday July 26, 2000

2 thoughts on “Couscous

  1. cristina furtado

    I recently found this wonderful” world of couscous ” through the books Kitty Morse has written. Beginning for the pictures she presents , the colours and the delicate flowers she chose , one may expect what will be ahead. I read the one about Cooking in the Kasbah and just loved . COngratulations to this beautiful and complete work .

  2. Daryl Shafran

    HI Kitty,

    I have your book Cooking at the Kasbah and I took your cooking class at Draegers. I am making a Moroccan dinner using your recipes but am making the chicken with lemon preserves for the mail course. When in Morocco, couscous was served looking like the photo for Couscous Casablanca style (on p 118) but without meat. I would like to make that with only veggies. Do you have any suggestions for changing the recipe ? Would you just boil or roast the veggies in chicken broth and served over the couscous? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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