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Ramadan Is Here. What Islam’s Holiest Month Is about.

No great surprise here: Three religions coexist, and gather to break the fast of Ramadan. Quand trois religions se réunissent autour d’un ftour à Casa.

… “qu’au Maroc il est possible de réunir musulmans, juifs et chrétiens”.



Ouarzazate is no longer an exotic oasis but an outpost of Hollywood/Bollywood. You might as well visit Palm Springs or Rancho Mirage.

Morocco tires of role as Hollywood’s ‘door to the desert’

“Some are disappointed to see their country portrayed so often as a war zone, and others say US films monopolise local talent . . .”(and provide work, may I add. Make up your mind, guys.)

Encore: Argan oil. And again: to read you can obtain argan oil at the source. I am a bit leery of the provenance of the innumerable argan products flooding the US market (including at 99 cent stores where the label proclaims “made in China!”) I don’t believe there are enough trees in Morocco to sustain the exports.

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