Kitty Morse

Cookbook Author, Food and Travel Writer

Kitty Morse

Cookbook Author, Food and Travel Writer

The Kasbah Chronicles: June 2024 radio interview

To my dismay, I realize how infrequently I post news on my website. I give all my news in my sort-of-monthly blog, The Kasbah Chronicles, which I send out through Substack. I always mean to post the blog here, and then I forget. If you need to reach me please leave a comment on this site, I get them on by email.

I am so excited to post this wonderful event: a radio interview with the award -winning host of The Good Food Hour, on KCRW, Santa Monica’sNPR statin. Thank you Evan.

Here is the link, and it will give you a good idea of what my latest book, Bitter Sweet, is about. As most of you know, it came out in February 2023, 4 days after my dentist husband and editor, food taster, dishwasher, and food photographer, passed away. So last year was a challenging era for me, going through a whirlwind of emotions. I am following in the footsteps we had set during our years of living and working as a team. Sometimes I can see straight ahead, and others, I falter.. c’est la vie..

I promise to be more present on this site… but pls do read my newsletter, or let me know if you would like me to add you to my mailing list.

I am promoting Bitter Sweet in Southern California and beyond, and would love to speak to book clubs, cookbook clubs, or any organizations that would like to invite me as a speaker, with a Power Point that lasts about 45 mns. It is very well received everywhere I have given it, at public libraries, on zoom calls, at universities, and other organizations such as JCCs, Osher, and Oasis. Speaking in a restaurant setting, where the host prepares a menu from my book, and invites me to speak to the assembled diners works very well.. That is a fun evening. Just contact me for a chat!

Summer is around the corner. How can that be? Have an enjoyable one.

And remember, I love feedback. My June Substack will go out soon. Wait until you hear of my adventures on a medical mission to the Peruvian Amazon.. Stay tuned!



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