Cooking at the Kasbah: Recipes from my Moroccan Kitchen

 April 2022: This book is still in print, albeit  more difficult to find. It is in its 10th printing.


Another review: 

March 2014:

On the best seller list at Chronicle Books, and now in its  TENTH printing!

The book was featured in the Crate and Barrel Christmas catalog, and is also available at Le Creuset outlet stores–where it often accompanies the purchase of one of their beautiful tagines.


From Cooking at the Kasbah:

Atay b’Nahna

Mint tea

Makes 5 cups

 Morocco’s national drink is made with Chinese green tea like Gunpowder or young Hyson.  Neither black tea nor a smokier, Japanese green tea is ever used in atay b’nahna. The tea is served in a typical pot bellied teapot, and sipped from delicate mint tea glasses (available on EBay and in fine cookware stores.)

 2 teaspoons Chinese green tea

5 cups boiling water

1/2 cup granulated sugar

15 fresh spearmint sprigs (NOT flavored mints)

2 or 3 orange blossoms or a few leaves of lemon verbena

 In a teapot, place the tea and the boiling water. Let steep 2 minutes. Add the sugar, mint, and any optional ingredient. Let steep 3 to 4 minutes and serve in mint tea glasses.

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