The California Farm Cookbook

Take California's bountiful food producers and ask them for their best recipe for their favorite crop, then add brilliant photos and interesting anecdotes about the farms and their owners. The result is The California Farm Cookbook where each kitchen-tested recipe comes from the growers themselves. The book also features dishes from some of California's finest chefs, as well as a chapter devoted to the growers of northern Baja California, Mexico. . . Online purchase information.

"Kitty became so inspired by the immense palette of California crops and the people she met at the (Vista farmer's) market who grow and cook them that she spent two years driving the state's byways meeting farmers, touring their farms, and collecting their favorite home recipes. The final product of her journeys, The California Farm Cookbook, lies close to her heart." Michelle Kenyon, food and garden editor, Country Home magazine, June 1996.

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