The Vegetarian Table: North Africa

OUT OF PRINT but hard cover or paperback copies still available on major book sites. Part of the award winning Vegetarian Table series from Chronicle Books.

 –Redolent of saffron, ginger and cinnamon, and vivid with the sun drenched colors of the Mediterranean, the cuisines of Monoco, Tunisia, and Algeria are as delicious as they are exotic. These North African countries have developed a rich, vegetarian tradition, based on wholesome grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables, all blended with uniquely flavorful seasonings. . .
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". . . I followed the recipe from Kitty Morse's The Vegetarian Table: North Africa (Chronicle Books, 1999,$16.95) to the letter. Carrots and onions are flavored by garlic, cilantro, turmeric, cinnamon and cayenne . . . for taste buds dulled by the same old thing, this dishissued a loud and clear wakeup. Morse writes that Tagine Bil Hummus is a "country-style dish, served when times are hard and meat is scarce." But there was nothing paltry about the big flavor on my plate." From: © St. Petersburg Times, published 2004-01-21

"In The Vegetarian Table: North Africa . . . Kitty Morse presents a personal and loving look at the cuisine as well as luscious photographs and a very good glossary of ingredients. Morse lived for many years in the Maghreb and offers a more personal account of the food, the people, and the customs. The food of North Africa lends itself well to meatless cooking and it is sure to please even the most confirmed carnivore at your table."
The Gourmet Retailer, February 1999

"Blame Kitty Morse for a bad case of wanderlust, not to mention hunger. . . . The Casablanca-born writer takes the reader to her homeland, to homes of relatives and friends, to the markets where she shopped in Morocco. . . and at the tables of hosts who fed her well." Margaret Sheridan, food writer, the Los Angeles Times, December 1996


3 thoughts on “The Vegetarian Table: North Africa

  1. Jan Dolphin

    Dear Kitty,
    What a "yummy" collection of books – I especially love the Vegetarian Table which I want to purchase!!  I'm delighted to have met you through the linked in site – and Casablanca sounds so romantic – I would love to say, "I'm from Casablanca"  – what visions of romance appear with those 3 words – let's keep in touch and see how we can benefit each other – I for sure can send out your blog to many people –  Jan

  2. Ann

    Dear Kitty
    Can I put in a plea to your publisher for reissuing the North African Vegetarian Table? It is a remarkable collection of recipes which have an international appeal. Indeed I would call it a standard work as it is one of those rare vegetarian cookery books in which all the food is wonderfully tasty and interesting!  Such a shame that it is out of print and so very hard to obtain.


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