Kitty Morse

Cookbook Author, Food and Travel Writer

Kitty Morse

Cookbook Author, Food and Travel Writer

Life has been a whirlwind for a number of reason for the past 5 months, and Bitter Sweet is garnering reviews in French newspapers.

I was able to go to France at the beginning of May 2023, on a trip I had been planning for 2 years. Covid put a crimp in my plans, but I did it! I visited my mother’s birthplace, and found every landmark my great-grandfather, Dr. Prosper Lévy-Neymarck, mentions in his war journal (which I translated into English in Bitter Sweet).

Media coverage for Bitter Sweet:

San Diego Union Tribune

“Bitter Sweet will make you weep,” says this reviewer for

Kitchen Arts and Letters, New York, NY

“An extraordinary record.” Said then owner, Matt, in his widely read weekly March newsletter

French press:https://www.lhebdoduve

L’Union Républicaine

L’Est Républicain, Rosières-aux-Salines

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