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Our riad, Dar Zitoun, is up for sale in Azemmour

July 2018

Dar Zitoun, our historic riad, the subject of my memoir,

Mint Tea and Minarets: a banquet of Moroccan memories is up for sale.

Located 90 km south of  Casablanca’s Mohammed V airport, and accessible by freeway, Dar Zitoun is perched on the banks of The Mother of Spring, one of Morocco’s main rivers. This 200 year-old oasis of serenity is nestled in the heart of the Azemmour medina,  or old town, a trading post known to Phoenician traders.  Please contact Kitty directly for photos or additional information. darzitouninfo@gmail.com.

Two award-winning golf courses lie nearby:

Visit Dar Zitoun upon demand. We have a local guardien.

DAR ZITOUN IS Renamed Dar Azema for marketing purposes.

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